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About me


I love to draw,play video games, and watch anime!
\>^w^</ I work very hard at what I do and only hope to continue to improve and make art.

divider by IcyOwl <3

Closed Species/Characters

:iconkitsunetshrine: Species Creator Ribbon by Miizue
:bulletblue:Kitsunets are shrine spirits who are born from the wishes made at the sacred tree on Bonsai Island.Once the wish is granted a Kitsunet will appear and be taken to Kitsunet Shrine.

:bulletblue:Most Kitsunets will live at a shrine but are not bound to them.Those who stay can be seen floating about tending to the shrine.

:bulletblue: Check out the group for info,guides,adopts,and more!

:icondyni-park: Species Creator Ribbon by Miizue
:bulletblue:Dynisaur's are small territorial creatures.
They have a big appetite for food and danger!

:bulletblue:Dynisaurs were inspired by axolotls and dinosaurs.

:bulletblue: Check out the group for info,guides,adopts,and more!

:iconflufferbuns: Official Designer Ribbon by Miizue
:bulletblue: Flufferbuns are an SEMI-OPEN species! Made by blushbun.They're sheep, bunny like creatures who resonate with a special object or idea in their youth!


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Bouncy Icon
Bouncy Icon
Detailed Bouncy icon
detailed bouncy icon
Static Icon
Payment for Static icon.
Chibi Half-Body w/bg
Payment for Chibi Half-Body w/bg

(SLOTS CLOSED!)Commission Info

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 8, 2015, 8:25 PM
Paypal or Points:
detailed character?: yes or no
:bulletblue:Will not sell to people with account less than a year old.Unless paying in points.No exceptions.
:bulletblue:If you moved accounts but commissioned me before from another account
and were trusting you can order.
:bulletblue:No character changes after I accept your order.No exceptions.
:bulletblue:Paypal or Points:points:
:bulletblue:Must receive payment before starting commission.
:bulletblue:No refunds, will not hold slots.
:bulletblue:Please do not ask for something if you're not serious.

Chibi Tile Background-$35 or 3,500 Points
-Comes with:Two Poses,3props
+$5 for detailed characters
+$15 extra pose/character
+$2-$5 extra prop depending on complexity
Pokemon Tiled Background by Miizue FoxFan Elena Tiled by Miizue Tumtank Candle Roses Tiled Background by Miizue Sushidog Tooru Tiled Background by Miizue Precious Metal Tile Background by Miizue

Chibi Half-Body w/bg -$35 or 3,500 :points:
+$5 for detailed characters
Silent Sunset by Miizue Beach Vacation by Miizue Lovely Surprise! by Miizue Moonlight Stroll by Miizue
Syndra by MiizueDragonsoosh Roshin by Miizue Sweet Sunny Day-Miyuki by Miizue

-$30 or 3,000 :points:

+$2 to $5 depending on complexity for detailed characters
Esk Ashe Pixel by MiizueEsk Vanity Pixel by Miizue
Sushidog Amelie by MiizueSoulfox Louis by Miizue
Sakura the Sushidog by Miizue
Blueberry Cheesecake Soosh by MiizueFoxfan Habibi by MiizueUnknown by Miizue
Bouncy Icon-$20 or 2,000 :points:
+$2 for detailed characters/tail wag
Kikwi Goes Rawr! by MiizueDynisaur Poe by MiizueKitsunet Noir by MiizueFoxfan Beast by MiizueFoxfan Rapunzel Icon by MiizuePastry Pom Icon by MiizueSushidog Rosse by Miizue
Toothpaste Pacapillar by MiizueBagbean Amorette by MiizueBagbean Kenta by MiizueMinkin Vivian by MiizueMinkin Xandria by MiizuePony Elegance by MiizuePond Pony Nefertiti by Miizue
simple animations>
Esk Ashe Icon by MiizueBagbean Celestial by MiizueBagbean Blessed tale by MiizueBagbean Milo Sitting by MiizueBagbean Aeron by MiizueBagbean Grimsley by MiizueBagbean Rainy by MiizueBagbean Kahn by MiizueRopi Icon by Miizue
or animated faces >
Cherish by MiizueNaomi by MiizueFoxFan Elena Face Icon by MiizueGoo by MiizueMidnight by MiizuePetrah by MiizueChili Doge by MiizueMiyuki by Miizue

Anime Chibi- $15 or 1,500 :points:
+$2 to $5 depending on complexity for detailed characters
Elena by Miizue Chibi Genevieve by Miizue Chibi Nebu by Miizue Unknown by Miizue
Fox Fire by Miizue Human Pouflon Girl by Miizue Hugs by Miizue

 Static Icon-$10 or 1,000 :points:
+$2 for detailed characters
Esk Sloth by MiizueElnin Kyra by MiizueFffff by MiizueKitsunet Mer by MiizueFoxfan Sini by MiizueSushidog Sakura by Miizue
Vanity Esk by MiizueFoxfan Azel by MiizueMuna Ceres by MiizueMuna Destina by MiizueSarenidy by MiizueMinkin Illona by Miizue
Also customs open too>CUSTOM INFO

Halloween Dyni's have arrived! Check em' out ^w^! 

24 deviants said (OPEN!) Halloween Dynisaur Adoptables! by Miizue


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